European Identity: Conflicting Perspectives, Current Evaluations and Anxieties

European Identity: Conflicting Perspectives, Current Evaluations and Anxieties

Cengiz Dinç


As shown by the ideas that are scattered to a wide spectrum, of ordinary people and academicians, who come from a variety of socialization backgrounds, defining Europe and the Europeans is not easy. Still, analyses on the historical and current shaping of European Identity, based upon views of the politicians, thinkers and academicians, information and views of the ordinary citizens collected through surveys, are necessary. This study aims for a better understanding of European Identity, by drawing attention to the views of experts and current anxieties of Europeans. The proposed models for creating a stronger European Identity and different perspectives with regard to the current problems are touched upon in order to show how European Identity is perceived from within and outside of Europe. Given the very different views of key figures and ordinary citizens with regard to the desired form of European Identity, it could be concluded that the glue keeping Europe together is not a shared identity but shared projects and targets.

Keywords: Avrupa; Kimlik; Avrupa Kimliği; Avrupa Birliği

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