Agriculture and Livestock in Alasehir in the Mid-19th Century

Agriculture and Livestock in Alasehir in the Mid-19th Century

Ertan Gökmen


Based on the examination of 20 financial records (temettuat defterleri), this study explores the agriculture and livestock in Alasehir, founded on fertile lands in the plain of Gediz, in mid-19th century. It shows the amount of land and how much of it was used for crop-fields, gardens and wineyards, what sort of crops were grown and what size lands were. It also provides information on the extent of sheep/goat and cattle breeding; and which animals were used for transportation. Finally, it looks into whether or not agriculture and livestock in Alasehir was affected, and to what extent, by any changes that occurred and was caused by internal and external factors in the Ottoman agriculture. 

Keywords: Osmanlı Devleti; Manisa; Alaşehir; Tarım; Hayvancılık

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