The Cimmerians in the Assyrian Documents

The Cimmerians in the Assyrian Documents



The Cimmerians, a migrant-settler group began to migrate towards the south and the west following
their displacement from their homeland by the Scythians. Those Cimmerians who migrated to the south
came to the borders of Urartu and Assyria and began to threat both states. Especially the Urartian
kings found themselves in a difficult situation against the Cimmerians. However, soon these warriors
turned their direction to the Assyrian Empire and started attacking its borders. Thus, their activities
attracted the attention of Assyria and the Assyrian documents started to inform about them. The Assyrian documents are of great value as they contribute to the mapping of the geographical area where the
Cimmerians spread and the clarification of their history. The mentioning of Cimmerians in the Assyrian
documents as an enemy to be feared is a proof of their power in the Near East.

Keywords: Kimmerler, Asurlular, Asur Belgeleri, Düşman, Savaş

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