A Report Submitted to Sultan Abdulhamid II on the Armenian Committees and Their Activities (1895)

A Report Submitted to Sultan Abdulhamid II on the Armenian Committees and Their Activities (1895)

Bülent CIRIK


The period of Sultan Abdulhamid II, which is one of the most important breaking points of the Armenian Question, is a worth-stressing process in terms of the events taking place in Anatolia, the organization and international dimension of the Armenian committees. Sources of the period provide extensive information on how the events were planned, realized and transformed into propaganda in the international arena. The developments that we can describe as the birth period of the genocide allegations were built in this period and have survived to the present day without any methodological changes. Sultan Abdulhamid II, who felt the pressure of internal and external events to a great extent, tried to protect the integrity of the state by taking some measures against arrogations and bloody acts. Sultan Abdülhamid, between 1890-1894, had a commission established to enlighten and to reveal the events in all aspects carried out by the Armenian committees in Anatolia and the capital Istanbul. In this study, the report about the Armenian committees, which was presented to Sultan Abdulhamid on February 4, 1895, by the special commission established, and which was thought to be converted into a book as a response to the Armenian propaganda, and its content will be discussed.

Keywords: Ermeni Meselesi, Sultan II. Abdülhamid, Hınçak Cemiyeti, Taşnaksutyun Cemiyeti, XIX. Yüzyılda propaganda.

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