Reflections of the Battles of İnönü on Internal Public Opinion

Reflections of the Battles of İnönü on Internal Public Opinion



The First Battle of İnönü started at a critical phase in which the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) was fighting a war of life and death against internal political and military opponents. The rebellion of Circassian Ethem and the Greek offensive developed together. In this battle, as a result of the stubborn struggle put forward by the regular army units, the Greek Army had to withdraw, the Circassian Ethem rebellion, which ached Ankara’s head with this morale and motivation, was suppressed, the TBMM government strengthened its power and secured its future. The Greeks, who could not get the result they hoped for in the First Battle of İnönü, attempted a major attack for the second time in order to impose the Treaty of Sevres, which they could not have accepted at the London Conference on March 23, 1921, by force of arms, but II. The Battle of İnönü also resulted in the superiority of the Turkish Army. The successes achieved in these battles had great repercussions in the internal public opinion. In this study, the impact and repercussions of the İnönü battles in the internal public opinion were discussed.

Keywords: Batı Cephesi, Düzenli Ordu, İç Kamuoyu, İnönü Muharebeleri, Milli Mücadele.

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