Reflections on Contemporary Turkish Foreign Policy: A Realist and Pragmatist Perspective

Reflections on Contemporary Turkish Foreign Policy: A Realist and Pragmatist Perspective

Asena Boztaş


In the period after the First World War in the evaluation of the international conjuncture, Wilson Principles that are generally consisting of fourteen substance’ expressings and aims differed. It is known fact that Young Turkey has strategic importance in Wilson Principles declared since 1918 especially by political historians. Wilsonian principles necessary to define conceptually, it is described as a declaration of war aims in United States (USA)‘s fourteen points about the First World War by the American president Thomas Woodrow Wilson. In the framework of based on the principle of self-determination in terms of an international structuring propositions accepted by Turkish intellectuals of the era, but for the purposes of secret plans to serve their country in a mentality that is the nature of the work. In this context, the scope of article, it will evaluate Young Turkey’s position in article 5 and 12 of Wilson Principles that is important for the great powers after the First World War. These articles of Wilson principles present Wilsonian policies are applying to recent Turkey and Turkey’s international and especially the Kurdish issue in the context of regional policies. So the article will evaluate how it is shaped. In this assessment, primarily will be included historical background and the term of the conditions of a similarly today it will try to answer what processes would be followed, what these policies provide positive and negative results. 

Keywords: Wilson İlkeleri; Birinci Dünya Savaşı; Türk Dış Politikasında Kürt Meselesi; Realizm ve Pragmatizm; Self-determinasyon

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