The European Union Transportation Policy and Its Reflection in Turkey

The European Union Transportation Policy and Its Reflection in Turkey

Sinan Kuşçu


Today, having a commodity reach at distant markets without being damaged has become, an important factor, at least as much as the quality and price of the goods involved. Transporting the commodity without being damaged, in the shortest time possible time with a low cost, from the production point to the market place, forms an important part of the competing power of nations. In foreign trade, when the distance to transport and the variety of transportation means increase, a condition having more important dimensions is entered into and waits for use. In this connection, can point out that the European Union(EU) is in need of transportation channels and distribution points, to meet requirements of goods and services needed to be secured from eastern markets for use both in the United Europe and to supply them to the world markets. Based on this, the experiences gained in historical past on this subject are reviewed along with the current experiences and new policies are formulated. With these polices, formation of a new order in the new thousand year(millennium), is defined as the objective(target). In this study, efforts are made to analyze such objectives and polices formulated by the EU. 

Keywords: AB; AB Ulaştırma Politikası; Ulaştırma Politikaları; Traceca; Ulaştırma.

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