Social Change and Education: “Basic Relations, Conflicts, Discussions”

Social Change and Education: “Basic Relations, Conflicts, Discussions”

Nilüfer Erol


As it is known, important events emerging in societies causes rapid needs and a number of issues to meet these needs, and these issues affects all institutions including education and forces them to change. Education, a part of society is also related to the social system completely. Education, can be seen as a sub system providing certain functions in the ongoing social system. All the objectives and requirements of the social system reflect on to the functions put forth for the education system and to the structures created to fulfill these functions. This study is intended to explain the complex relationship between social change and education. The study discusses the role of education in social change after primarily putting out opinions about social change, the direction of social change, forms of social change, and theories of social change. Briefly, two separate conflicting functions of education such that socialization function of education to ensure continuity of society, and preparation of new generations to possible changes are seen to come forward. 

Keywords: Eğitim; Toplum; Değişim; Toplumsal Değişme; Küreselleşme

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