Military Measures in Konya During World War II

Military Measures in Konya During World War II

Çağatay Benhür , Mahir Selim Akçakaya


Second World War, was the greatest destruction in history by human hand up to now. Turkey did not participate in the hot conflict of this war, which starting in the middle of Europe was soon to surround the world. However, Turkey was influenced by the consequences of war in wide ranges, such as social, economic and political views. Turkey was pursuing a policy of balance in which several measures had been taken inside the state of war in order to avoid conflict in foreign policy. Along with standing out with economic and military measures during this period, Turkey organized unique arrangements according to the region of every city. Turkey made the various arrangements about preparations of war in Konya, which was located in the middle of Anatolia. In this study, the military measures are going to be discussed in chronological order of the city of Konya throughout the duration of the war. 

Keywords: İkinci Dünya Savaşı; 1939-1945; Askeri Önlemler; Konya; İç Politika

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