A Canakkale Martyr and What Happened to His Letter

A Canakkale Martyr and What Happened to His Letter

Mustafa Arıkan


A martyr of The Battle of Çanakkale, Deputy Reserve Officer Ibrahim Ethem has taken his exceptional place in our history with the letter he wrote to his mother from the front. The letter, which attracts attention with its literary style and content, appears in most of the publications on Çanakkale Wars; but is often altered and distorted. Not only the information provided regarding the letter, but also that regarding the martyr are in need of criticism. This case, which does not conform to the methodology of history, introduces a state in which one who writes the history does not remain true to one who makes the history. That the nationalist identity of the martyr and the notion of Turkishness are tried to be concealed requires a serious critique of this attitude. The aim of the present study is to introduce the martyr, who is known as Martyr Hasan Ethem, and to determine and criticise the distortion made in his letter in the light of true information. 

Keywords: Çanakkale Şehitleri; Şehit İbrahim Ethem; Şehit Mektupları; Tarih Metodolojisi; Türklük

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