The Emergence of 23 April Children’s Day and the Celebrations From 1922 to 1929

The Emergence of 23 April Children’s Day and the Celebrations From 1922 to 1929

Mücahit Özçelik


April 23,1921,declared as the first festival of the new Turkish state, National Sovereignity Festival was first celebrated in Ankara on April 23,1922.with children’s attendance at the celebrations and the
support of president Mustafa Kemal,the managers of The Patronage of Children Association began to gather aid on behalf of the association on April 23 ,1923. At the celebrations of 1924,with Latife Hanim’s being a representative of The Patronage of Children Association and the openly support of President Mustafa Kemal, National Sovereignity festival on april 23 was called as ‘Children’s Day’ or ‘Children ’s Festival’ after 1925’s. The main purpose of “Children Festival” was solving the problems of children such as child mortality rather than amusing children for a few days. Before 1927,although April 23 was called as such concepts “Child Day” , “Children Day” and “Children Festival”, the first comprehensive children festival celebration started on April 23,1927. With the support of Mustafa Kemal and the government, “Children Festival” was extended from one day to seven days with the name of “Children Week” and Turkish Culture Society played active role at the celebrations. With Ministry of Education’s organization, Childrens Week was celebrated all over the country. 

Keywords: 23 Nisan Çocuk Bayramı; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; Hâkimiyet-i Milliye Bayramı; Himaye-i Etfal Cemiyeti; Türk Basını

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