The Reform of The Eastern Anatolia From The Pen of Ahmet Agaoglu (1913 – 1914)

The Reform of The Eastern Anatolia From The Pen of Ahmet Agaoglu (1913 – 1914)

Erdem Karaca


Ahmet Agaoglu (Agayef), a politician and a philosopher, played an active role in the Turkism movement. He defended the rights of Turks in the articles he wrote in various newspapers in Azarbaijan. After he settled down in Istanbul, in 1909, he was appointed as Minister of Education Inspectorate. He worked in several different newspapers, then he became the editorial writer of “ Tercüman-i Hakikat” newspaper. Agaoglu, who is among the founders of “Türk Dernegi” (The Association of Turks) and “Türk Ocagi” (The Organization of Turks), was selected as deputy from Afyon. During the time he was the editorial writer of Tercüman-i Hakikat, he emphasized the necessity of this and compared this notion with the reform of Balkans, in the articles about the reform of the Eastern Anatolia. Furthermore, he tried to define the attitudes and intentions of great powers (states) towards reforming. Referring to the eagerness and determination of Ottoman Goverment, he also pointed out that the expected contribution was not carried out by the Armenians, neither inside nor outside the country. 

Keywords: Ahmet Ağaoğlu; Dış Politika; Islahat; Ermeni Meselesi; Şarki Anadolu.

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