Dear Journal of Gazi Academic View readers, while the 17th issue of our journal come out we have a great happiness.

In this issue we gave place to original articles from the areas of history, politics, folk and culture. And this issue has got 15 articles. First one is so important and named “The Causes of of The First World War According to German Finance Minister Dr Theodor Karl Helfferich ” which based on evaluation of the source that has been written during the First World War. The second one is named “Ottoman Hunting Organization of Silistra Sanjak In The 16th Century”. It makes clear the lesser known aspects of imperial hunting especially in Silistra. “A Mamluk Bey in London: Muhammad Bey El-Elfî (October-December 1803)” reflects the views of English. The next one titled as “The Reflection of the Removal of the Enver Pasha’s Remains from Tajikistan to Turkey in the Turkish Press” . As it is clear, Enver Pasha is one of the most commonly known figures of Turkish history. And this article focuses on the news about the removal of his remains in Turkish mass media. Another article titled as “An Evaluation on Ottoman Prisons: The Example of Karesi Prison” and it really analyzes an underinvestigated issue. The article “The Developments and Attitude of Turkey in the Geography of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan and Armenia in Terms of Karabakh Axis, from the Process of Disintegration of the USSR Until the setting up the CIS (Commonwealth of Independence States) (1987 October-1991 December) ” enlightens the past events. Another article named as “Population Transplant From Adana After Peace Operations Carried Out In Cyprus (1975-1976)” based on the records. The article “Ancient Piracy Activities of Garp Ocaklari in Mediterranean World as an International Problem in XVIII Century” discuss old piracy activities in Mediterranean in details. Traditional medicine as practiced nonprofessionally has examined in the article of “Folk Medicine, Folk Healing”. The article called as “Rethinking Eurovision Song Contest As A Clash Of Cultures” explains international struggles in terms of politics and culture. The article “Flourishing Of Occidentalism In Iran After Cultural Revolution” enlightens us about the term events. The article “History of Turkish Air Force Aviation School and the Process Of Transition to Air Force Academy” is about past of Turkish Air Force Aviation School. Another article titled “Hybrid Warfare Studies and Russia’s Example in Crimea”, examines hybrid warfare as a new concept, which was employed by Russia during the recent inva sion of Crimea. The article “The Property Tax and Its Pratice In Aydin City” examines the issue in different ways. The last article is “Fascism Analyses In Antonio Gramsci’s Theory” contributes in different aspects.

Dear readers, we have pleasure to share an important development. Our journal indexed by Ulakbim Dergipark. Database offers both a permanent link and a DOI. All articles get automatically DOI(Digital Object Identifier). Another advantage of indexing by Dergipark is that we will be able to follow all improvements in a short time.

Our journal has been published since 2007. The journal has been enhanced its quality and efficiency. We all know that there’s a lot of coming articles. We are so glad and honoured to see the rise of concern.

We would like to thank to all article owners, referees, editorial and publication board and all readers. Hope to meet you in the 18th June issue.


Editorial Board


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