A Search into the Container Camps of Syrian Refugees

A Search into the Container Camps of Syrian Refugees



This study tries to identify the ideas of asylum seekers who came to Gaziantep – a border city – by leaving their countries as a result of internal turmoil and war in Syria and who live in containers about life in containers and later plans. This study also evaluates the problem of the integration that life is averted in a limited area, the need for shelter as one of the basic needs, the place in their lives, the sociological and life-long usage area assessment, their expectations which are changing over time, the establishment of ties in their new lives, meeting their hopes and needs in the camps and the decisions that should be taken about planning a harmonious life process with the analytical local society, and the urgent situation plan of the government and local administrators today. While evaluating the camp life of the asylum seekers in long term with literature study in this study, a survey study with 180 asylum seeker families who are living container camp was carried out, and the characteristics of container, the spatial areas inside the container, changes which were made according to the needs, the characteristics of their houses in Syria, their future expectations, and their plans were evaluated. The study results are briefly as follows: Asylum seekers are generally in low and middle level socio-economic status. The monthly income of their families has decreased. They are generally unemployed or working in low-skilled jobs. Almost all have left their country because of a life-threatening situation. Although they are satisfied with spacious, bright and well-situated containers, the number of compartments, and that bathroom-WC being together seem as a serious problem. Some of them are planning to leave container city and settle in the city. Most of those staying in containers do not think of leaving there because of economic reasons. Security and hygiene in camps seem as adequate. Solving problems that may hinder compliance and integration is recommended as priority.

Keywords: Sığınmacı, Konteyner Kent, Yerleşim Alanı, Geçici Barınma Yapıları, Beklenti

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