1961 Constitution Referendum and Democrat Party Electoral Body

1961 Constitution Referendum and Democrat Party Electoral Body



On May 27, 1960, the national unity committee, which seized power under military intervention,
invited universities to refer to constitutional lawyers for the preparation of a new constitution. In the prepared
1961 constitution, it was desired to find solutions to political problems and uneasiness, economic
troubles and social problems in the period when the DP was in power. The adoption of the new constitution,
which was presented to the public with the referendum, was deemed necessary to return civilian
life. Although the referendum activities, which started in an environment where the DP’s political life was
terminated, seemed to be the scene of the propaganda of supporters of the constitution, the AP was set
up to appeal to the DP voters, especially in the Western Anatolia region. The National Unity Committee
has also sent its members to visit the country to discuss with the people and asked the public to accept the
new constitution for the new period’s needs and the political controversies of the old era. The fact that the


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