The Turkish Military Cemetery at Malta

The Turkish Military Cemetery at Malta

Nuri YAVUZ , İbrahim İSLAH


Jew originated German economist Fritz Neumark says:” Turks are not aware so much but Europeans
realize a fact that if Turks were taken out of history.” Whereever you look, you will see a trace of Turks.
One of these traces is The Turkish Martyrdom in Malta. This Martyrdom was built by architect Emanuele
Luigi Galizia due to the offering of The Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz in 1874 for the rememberance
of the Turkish soldiers who martyized during the siege of Ottoman Navy against defending Hospitalier
Chevaliers in 1565. Ottoman soldiers were taken from Çanakkale and other fronts to Malta as captives
by British army during the Great War. They were captured in camps and buried in this cemetry when
died of various reasons as well.


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