An Important Name in Kazakhstan Jadidism Movement A Cleric: Qmar Karaş, Life and Activities (1875–1921)

An Important Name in Kazakhstan Jadidism Movement A Cleric: Qmar Karaş, Life and Activities (1875–1921)



The policy of the Russian Empire led to the rise of the Muslim movement among the Muslims of Russia
in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Kazakh people were actively fighting for freedom and
democracy. Muslim movement was influenced by Jadidism. Muslim struggle had taken place in the
context of Jadidism. Close relations with the Ottoman Empire developed.
“Jadid” is the Arabic word for “new,” but Jadidism was a drive for cultural and social renewal among
Muslims in the Russian Empire. In addition to secular intelligentsia, the mullah-imams, who have
recognized the religious-reforming, modernist position, contributed to the spread of enlightenment and liberation. Theoretical research and practical work of intelligentsia and traditional Islamic representatives,
who had considered the way to overcoming the colonial oppression and the spiritual crisis, were very
important for the history science.
During this period, Omar Karash, one of the most influential figure in the history of cultural education,
whowas familiar with a Hanafi Madhhab, and Naqshbandi. He was one of the greatest public figures
who left hisbalance in the early 20th century pedagogy and enlightenment.
Omar Karash Ahun (Ahun, Arab word, religious high rank), who served in the official structure of the
Russian Muslims. Caucasus, Volga-Uralsk, as well as Turkey, had been developing in close contact
with the Arab countries, and had quickly embraced the influence of ancient Islam center. In 1911-1913
Omar Karash took part in the publication of the newspaper “Kazakhstan” published in Uralsk (West
Kazakhstan). From 1917 to 1919 he was an active member of the Alash political and cultural movement
in Kazakhstan.


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