Hattıan God Mentıoned In Hıttıte Texts: “Šımmıšu/ Šımešu/ Šımšu/Šımıšu”

Hattıan God Mentıoned In Hıttıte Texts: “Šımmıšu/ Šımešu/ Šımšu/Šımıšu”



It is learned from Hittite cuneiform documents that, Hittites, one of the Indo-European tribes who had
polytheistic belief system, attached great importance to their religious belief and rituals. The Hittite
tablets, which were unearthed in Hittite settlements especially in Boğazköy, which had a great majority
of religious content, show us that Hittites had a theocratic government. The Hittites, who were defined
as a society of “Pantheon”, conceived their gods as human beings. According to the Hittite religion, the
gods would eat, drink, go into rage, marry and fight in battles. Each god or goddess had a specific place
and mission in Hittite Pantheon. In line with the data acquired from Hittite cuneiform documents, this
study aims to present the origin of God Šimmišu/Šimmešu, as one of the members of community of
Hittite Gods; the location of Hittite cuneiform texts where he was mentioned; the meaning of God’s name
with respect to the previous philological and etymological assessments; the place and the importance of
the God in Gods’ community and how he was blessed.


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