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We are proud to have delivered you hundreds of original and qualified works from various fields of social sciences for 12 years through our magazine which started to be published in 2007. As in every issue, this 25th issue of our magazine has been studied with great devotion. In this issue, there are 14 Turkish and English articles scrupulously reviewed by our precious referees and approved by the final decision of our editorial board after the completion of the blind review processes. 11 of these articles are in the field of political science and international relations and 3 of them are in the field of history. Subfields of these political science and international relations articles are Foreign Policy Analysis (2), War and Conflict Analysis (2), International Organizations (1), History of International Relations (1), Political Participation (1), Cultural Studies (1), Sevcurity Studies (1), Military Studies (1) and Migration Studies (1). The articles in the field of history are from the subfields of Ottoman Diplomatic History (1) History of Finance (1), and History of Agriculture (1).


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