Iran-Iraq War: Effect on Terrorism on Turkey’s Borders

Iran-Iraq War: Effect on Terrorism on Turkey’s Borders



In 1980, war began between Iran and Iraq which would last eight years and have effects continuing into
the 21st cenutry. Turkey was affected by the war between its border neighbours and its outcomes from
many aspects. During the war, terrorism developed on the east and southeast borders of Turkey. Turkey
was surrounded by a terrorism problem with regional effect. The process of war provided infrastructure
for the formation of this situation.
The PKK (Partiyi Kargeranı Kürdistan) terror organization founded in 1979 began attacks
targeting the Turkish Armed Forces in 1984. In this process, the PKK found opportunities to develop in
camps founded along the Iran-Iraq-Syria borders neighbouring Turkey and in Lebanon, and succeeded
in infiltrating the Turkish border in the problematic process created by conditions of war. After the IranIraq war ended, this threat to Turkey’s security was not removed. As a result, a war that Turkey was not
included in created a long-term threat, not just from diplomatic, social and economical aspects, but with
the terrorism problem developing on the borders In this study, within the basic framework of the Iran-Iraq War, the attitude of Turkey toward
the warring parties during the war and the effects of the war on the emplacement of terrorism on the
borders of Turkey will be assessed.
Turkish media during this period, western media sources, diplomatic documents, and archive
records were examined in the study. In addition, the statements of politicians of the period and memorial
monuments were used for content analysis in the study. Furthermore, studies in the literature were used
to improve the study.

Keywords: Çatışma, Orta Doğu, İran- Irak Savaşı, PKK, Terörizm

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