Assessments of a Turkish Parliamentarian (Ali Rıza Türel) on the Conference for European Economic Cooperation

Assessments of a Turkish Parliamentarian (Ali Rıza Türel) on the Conference for European Economic Cooperation

Ali Servet ÖNCÜ


The world has become bipolar right after WWII. The democratic US on the one side, and the communist USSR, on the other, tried to dominate the World. In this rivalry, some states sided with the US and some mothers with the USSR. The post-WWII period witnessed several developments initiated both by the US and the USSR. The US declared “the Truman Doctrine” which was a life saver for Turkey and Greece against the Soviet threat, and then activated “the Marshall Plan” aiming at strengthening Europe economically. The Marshall Plan was declared in order to prevent the Soviet influence in these countries which were not yet controlled by the USSR. The US has invited the European countries to be part of the plan. Some countries in Europe which were under the Soviet control have refused this invitation, the mother countries have declared that they are willing to benefit from the plan. The aim of the Conference for European Economic Cooperation (CEEC) which assembled in July 1947 was to report the needs of the countries that will benefit from the Marshall Plan. Turkey has declared that it will benefit from the Marshall Plan and participate in the CEEC. Ali Rıza Türel, the Konya deputy of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) was a member of the delegation that went to Conference. He presented his opinions about the congress to the government as a report. In his report, Türel explained the reasons for the announcement of the
Marshall Plan by the US, the organizational structure and the working phases of the CEEC. Türel also gave detailed information on the general report laid out at the conference and evaluated the report from the stand point of Turkey. The main aim of this study is to put forward information given mby Türel and his personal assessments on the Marshall Plan, the CEEC and their impacts on Turkey.

Keywords: Ali Rıza Türel, Avrupa İktisadi İşbirliği Konferansı, Marshall Planı, Rapor, Türkiye

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