Russian Federation’s Caucasus Policy: A Holistic View

Russian Federation’s Caucasus Policy: A Holistic View



The aim of this study is to reveal the Caucasus policy of the Russian Federation (RF). In general, RF’s South Caucasus policy and North Caucasus policy are discussed separately in the literature. However, considering especially security policies of the RF, it is possible to see that the region is actually handled holistically. In the post-Cold War period, the Caucasus formed one of the most dynamic areas of RF’s domestic, foreign and security policy and almost served as a testing ground for analyzing Moscow’s reaction to the developments. While the RF is trying to keep the North Caucasus within its borders with a focus on Chechnya, it wants to keep the South Caucasus states under its control within the framework of the “near abroad” policy and to be the only effective power in this region. The basic assumption of the study is that the Caucasus policy of the RF includes a holistic approach, that is, the policies of the South Caucasus and the North Caucasus complement each other. Within the framework of the recent developments, the influence and control of the RF on the Caucasus has increased even more.


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