The Role of Turkish Women During the Gallipoli Campaign

The Role of Turkish Women During the Gallipoli Campaign

Nevin Yazıcı


During the Çanakkale War, known as the Gallipoli Campaign, Turkish women, while fighting against the enemy in the frontline, supported all the efforts through numerous activities they carried out all over the country. However, the basic roles played by them were mainly supportive ones such as providing health service and cloth support, collecting aid through societies and creating public opinion. Activities carried out by Turkish women in the fields of military, economy, social and cultural life during the Çanakkale War enabled them to assume a more active role in the War of Indepence, thereby making women an integral component, a modern and complementary part of the society. 

Keywords: Çanakkale Savaşı; Çiçek Günü; Müdafaa-i Milliye Cemiyeti; Hilal-i Ahmer Hanımlar Merkezi; Kadın Yardım Cemiyetleri

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