The University as a Social Institution, Science Mentality and Turkey

The University as a Social Institution, Science Mentality and Turkey



Science and the university are complementary institutions. In the progress of humankind, the importance of produced knowledge is great. One of the ways of producing knowledge is philosophy and the other one is science. Together with the modernization of the world, the universities have become the places that are produced knowledge. Turkey has tried to transform traditional higher education institutions like the examples in the West. Some problems occurred in the process of transition from Darülfünun to the university. Even though the university is the place that makes academic surveys and produces knowledge, it doesn’t show the expected success. Because of this, reform attempts have been done several times but still it hasn’t gone up to the intended level. Science mentality of university institution in Turkey has improved problematically. The analyses that are going to be done for these reasons will also show solutions. This article aims to analyze the structural problems of educational institution and accordingly the university institution of society.

Keywords: Sosyal Kurum, Üniversite, Bilim, Zihniyet, Toplum

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